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Club d'Jet - USA


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Walter Koopman - Owner
René Bonnet D'Jet (CGTRB5)
Tubular Frame - EX. 24 Hrs. LE MANS 62

Jeff Lane - Owner
René Bonnet D'Jet  - 1964


1966 MATRA Bonnet D'Jet 5S

Walter Koopman
MATRA - Bonnet 1967 5S

Walt Koopman
MATRA Jet6 - 1968 (MB8SS)

Doctors Mainolfi - Owners
1968 MATRA (MB8SS)

Kurt Pettinga - Owner
1965 D'Jet 5 S

Larry Weinstén - Owner
Jim Hanna 1965 D'Jet 5S

Randy McCormick
1966 MATRA-Bonnet D'Jet 5S

Dan and Sharon Wardman
1964 Rene΄

Richard Plavetich
1965 Matra-Bonnet DJet 5S

Charles H. Ebert
MATRA JET 6  1967 (MB8SS)
EX. 1967 12 Hours of Sebring No. 62
Full story and Photo's coming soon




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