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Club d'Jet - USA



Note: You must be a member to order parts

Please remember when ordering parts that they must be paid in full, plus shipping and handling. 

As a member of Club-D'Jet we can try and help you with ordering parts but, remember the USA Club doesn't sell parts, only the French Club.

Part prices are high and shipping is from France or parts may also be acquired from any place through out Europe.  You might consider the price to be "very" high - we are sorry but with the Euro still being up and the dollar being lower prices will seem high.

Some parts have to be found by Club members through out Europe.  They do not charge for their time or gas, but ask only that you take the part when it arrives.   Members find the passion of restoring one of these beautiful cars pays for their efforts. 

Patience will need to be practiced when ordering and waiting for your parts to arrive from France, a few parts are being remade through the Club, mostly when a part can not be found anywhere and there is a demand for the same parts. 

We appreciate your desire to obtain the parts and thank you for your patience.



Email Contact for the club:     clubdjetusa@verizon.net

Club D'Jet Webmaster:   webmaster@club-djetusa.com

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