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Club d'Jet - USA


                         Walt Koopman and Jean Vinatier
                         Jean was one of two drivers in the 1962 Lemans
                      in Walt's #61 Rene' Bonnet
                    RetrOMobile 2006


The Club D'Jet-Jet was established in 1984

The Club is a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about:

Réne Bonnet, MATRA-Bonnet, MATRA-Sports from D'Jet1 to Jet 6 and keen to restore them and use them.

The Club has a boutique that

-remakes parts that are difficult to, or even impossible to find.


The Club has a  newsletter which includes:

- a cover with color photography
- information  made by the Club committee
- information about meeting dates
- constantly updated register of known cars
- lists of old interesting articles
- advice about restoration
- history from 1961 to 1968
- copies of original road tests and articles
- free advertising section

An annual general meeting gathers the Club members together in different parts of France

Club's News Coach Journal - Is one of the best done news Journals and contains articles on the History of the cars, and the people who restore and drive these cars.  They are some of the finest people you will find anywhere .  The Journal is included with Membership in the Club.

You will get to meet, e-mail or speak with some of the finest people who will share their passion and willingness to help you put your car back on the road, race or show.

I know because I have kept my membership in good standing for many years.  In 2005 The Club celebrated its 20th anniversary.  I was invite'd'honneur, and yes it was wonderful to take part in the 20th anniversary with the membership of Club D'Jet, they were so warm with their passion for the great little D'Jet.

The Club has a President and Staff.

The main club website is Club-djet.com and is run by the club.   This site is in French, but Google Translate and other search engine tools can translate the site to English.



Email Contact for the club:     clubdjetusa@verizon.net

Club D'Jet Webmaster:   webmaster@club-djetusa.com

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