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Many D'Jets are stored in barns and garages here in America - we hope this website will open those garage and barn doors and allow this special car to be restored to its former days of glory.

The website you are about to enter is for those with a passion for D'Jet automobile 1961- 1968

We are not selling anything we only want to pass our passion on to you.

This website is all in the English language

Can we communicate, share information, reply and comment about
- What stage your D'Jet is in?
- Is it original?
- Is it a 1) Rene' Bonnet D'Jet  2) Matra Bonnet 5 or 5S D'Jet  3) Matra Sport Jet 6?

What is the Serial Number or the VEH number - This helps very much to identify the history of your car.




Email Contact for the club:     clubdjetusa@verizon.net

Club D'Jet Webmaster:   webmaster@club-djetusa.com

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